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We are CD-ROM producers that design, program and produce interactive, multimedia CD-ROMs.
We are also Flash web designers who design, program and create Flash websites.
We can create interactive presentations using Flash, Shockwave and Director. We can also create data-driven websites using PHP, JavaScript and DHTML.
We have created data-driven, ecommerce websites with full shopping cart functionality and can also implement the Dansie Shopping Cart system, with AuthorizeNet.

We design and produce flash websites, database-driven websites, flash games, CD-ROMs, shockwave games, web presentations, ecommerce websites, screensavers, business card CDs, original interactive content, shockwave games, shockwave 3D.
We emphasize thoughtful user interfaces and information architecture to create different, usable, cool interactive projects. We offer design consulting on all interactive multimedia projects.
We work with Flash, Shockwave, Director, Lingo, video, music, sound, writing, editing.
We are located in New Jersey, close to Philadelphia and New York City.
We are an award-winning, interactive design and production firm that works with small business, corporate clients, creative agencies, game producers.
We also subcontract our services.
We can create cool custom interactive content for you.

Producers of the following websites:
Game Greetings
Game Makers
Web Voices
Crazy Cards